Bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical units

MINICOMP is a company that develops and manufactures radiofrequency electrosurgical units based in Argentina.

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About us

MINICOMP is the brand under which we manufacture our electrosurgical units and other medical products. Focused on engineering, our purpose is to bring the best tools to the surgeon, understanding his needs and providing solutions.

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in our facilities in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. With more than 30 years in the electromedical market, we are currently the only national manufacturer of electrosurgical instruments authorized by ANMAT.

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Our equipment is chosen by hospitals, clinics and medical institutions throughout the country and Latin America.

Satisfied Customers

"We have tested the Minicomp Kairos equipment for 4 months. It was used in all specialties proving its excellent performance that makes it perfectly comparable with international equipment of the highest quality, emerging from the comparison an adequate cut even with lower powers and a softer Spray coagulation."
Dr. Juan José Naveiro
Galician Center of Buenos Aires
Gastrectomy - "very clean cut, pleasantly impressed by incising skin".
Dr. Rodolfo Zanolli
Hospital Fernández
"We have been using Minicomp equipment in the surgical center for five years with excellent results. They have shown that despite the intensive use to which they are subjected, they are highly reliable and easy to move due to their small size. Due to their versatility, they can be used in conventional surgeries as well as in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. Additionally, whenever the Technical Service has been used, we have always received a quick and efficient response." Translated with (free version)
Dr. Antonio J. de la Torre
Hospital Bernandino Rivadavia
"We have used a Kairos electrosurgical unit that has been used by several specialties and interventions, verifying an excellent performance, both in the delicacy of its cut and in the smoothness of its Spray coagulation, safe hemostasis without penetration into the tissue and the low level of smoke on the screen in laparoscopies".
Dr. Oscar Damia
Chief of Urology Service - Hospital Italiano
"We use the Minicomp radiofrequency electrosurgical scalpel model Kairos MX for various laparoscopic and open surgery procedures very satisfactorily. The smoothness of the functions, the automatic monopolar coagulation with Spray, and the bipolar coagulation to white or cinnamon, without black scars or edema, stand out."
Dr. Aldo Vizcaíno
Technical Secretary and Pediatric Surgeon - CEMIC


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