Technology and Innovation

In the beginning, our medical equipment used to be designed based on the principles of cryosurgery and radiofrequency. As new surgical techniques appeared and with the change of market trends, we decided to specialize in the development of radiofrequency electrosurgical units.

Currently, our units are digital and provide our users with the best experience during surgical procedures.

Our current selection of products and accessories has been thought to meet the all the needs and demands from the market. Our units are equipped with automatic control systems, intelligent memories and tissue impedance sensors that provide real-time adjustments and ensure the best surgical procedures.

Plus, we work alongside academic teams and institutions to develop innovative medical procedures. All of our design and manufacturing processes are carefully controlled. Also, we provide customer-oriented technical support and after-sales service.

Our facilities count with specific medical development areas, including a clean area for ISO 7 class sterile products.


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