The Minicomp SWIFT electrosurgical unit is ideal for ambulatory or low power interventions requiring excellent control and delicacy. Minicomp’s smallest and most compact equipment stands out for having the best price-performance ratio in the market.

It is an 80-watt monopolar and bipolar power platform, with remarkably delicate and precise. Its portability and simplicity of operation make it ideal for the itinerant surgeon and for outpatient interventions. It meets the needs for delicate surgeries such as lower genital tract in gynecology (Leep), ENT, dermatology, endoscopy, ophthalmology, dentistry, phlebology, neurosurgery and ambulatory plastic surgeries.

Safe and robust in its operation, it has all the functions and safety systems of higher category devices.

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Functions and features

Cut – 2 modes: pure, 50% hemostasis

Coagulation – 1 monopolar mode

Bipolar – 1 bipolar coagulation mode

Connection for 1 active handle

Automatic power control: minimizes thermal damage and allows its use in delicate surgeries.

Powerful bipolar and high performance monopolar coagulation.

Safety: floating output, neutral electrode fault detector by R.E.M. (Monitored Electrode Return) system.

Digital display.

Digital, microprocessed design.

No overheating of components.

Lightweight and portable: 2,3 Kg

Advantages in medical specialties

Low thermal damage due to intelligent power control systems (between 250 and 500 microns)

  • Gynecology: optimal for techniques with LEEP loop electrodes and ambulatory biopsies providing very high hemostasis and low thermal damage.
  • ORL: ideal for turbinate hypertrophy, tonsillectomies and somnoplasties due to its low thermal damage and “blank” coagulation.
  • Neurosurgery: its powerful, intelligent bipolar generator and power micro-regulation minimize thermal damage, achieving “blank” coagulations in areas of high innervation.
  • Other specialties: Ideal for minor plastic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, phlebology, endoscopy, polypectomies and tracheotomies.

Mode indication

cutting and coagulation

1 of 10

Power indication,

2-digit display

2 of 10

Output indication

of activated energy

3 of 10

Selection button

of function

4 of 10

Power regulation

5 of 10

Indicador de fallos

of patient plate

6 of 10

Pedal connection

7 of 10

Conexión bipolar

8 of 10

Active handle connection

9 of 10

Connection of

patient plate

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Technical data

Power output 80W
Frequency 500 KHz
Monopolar Cut Max Power 80W
Monopolar Coagulation Max Power 50W
Bipolar Mode Maximum Power 50W
Weight 2,3 Kg
Dimensions 230 x 100 x 260 mm
Neutral Electrode Control Type REM: 120 Ω
Safety Type I - CF Floating Outlet
Supply Voltage 110V/220V ±10% - 50 / 60 Hz
Display Backlit alphanumeric
Type of controls Membrane keys


BPF (ANMAT – The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices)

We work in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations as per current legislation. Our plant complies with the standards required by the health authorities and has been granted the Certificate of Registration and Business Operation by ANMAT. (Disp 5550/2017)


Our products comply with the regulations and standards required by the health authorities and count with their certificates of registration as medical products. (Disp 0418/2018).

IRAM 4220 / IEC 60601-1 / IEC 60601-2-2 Registration

Our product complies with the General and Particular Electrical Safety standards and the Electromagnetic Compatibility standards.



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